Products and engineering solutions

Nuclear security and mobile surveillance

innoRIID produces handheld instrumentation, mobile search systems, backpacks and mobile portal solutions covering the whole range of nuclear security applications.

Engineering solutions

We also offer fixed installations of detection systems for medical facilities, production environments and automation systems. Examples include the exhaust air surveillance of cyclotron systems, radiation portal monitoring of critical infrastructure like airports, train stations or governmental buildings and scanning of metal scrap or recycling material for radioactive materials.

Our solutions follow the Industry 4.0 philosophy of fully integrated, digital sensors - providing online streaming and NoSQL database storage for our customers.

Artificially intelligent radiation detection

Machine learning

Machine learning is the subfield of artificial intelligence that focuses on ways to learn relations from data. It has become a reliable tool for sensorial equipment, too. innoRIID has a proven scientific record of applying machine learning to the field of radiation detection and introduced novel algorithmic techniques for evaluating spectroscopic data.

Semantic expert knowledge

Radiation experts rely on decades of knowledge. They know exactly, what types of scenarios are of greatest importance and how threat materials can be identified. innoRIID maintains a curated ontological knowledge database that contains a vast amount of this Know-How.

Towards artificial intelligence

Fusing the expert knowledge database with our machine learning techniques, innoRIID established artificially intelligent algorithms. They do not only rely on mathematical relationships, but also on the semantic knowledge.

Cutting-edge software and hardware development

Modern, simplistic user interfaces

Designed and programmed by our development team, the software of the radiation detection sensors and handheld instruments is tailored to the mission objectives of our customers.

Innovative hybrid detectors

With sodium iodide (NaI:Tl) being one of the most sensitive workhorses of radiation detection, innoRIID developed a hybrid approach - combining NaI:Tl with the high-resolving Cadmium-Zinc-Tellurite semiconductor material.

Hybrid detector products

RADEAGLE (RE) and RADEAGLET-Ruggedized (RTR) can be equipped with CZT technologies added to our NaI:Tl main detector. The additional spectroscopic unit provides better than 2% resolution.

Hybrid identification engine

Our identification algorithm was specifically adapted to evaluate both, the NaI:Tl and the CZT in parallel. For low energies of important special nuclear materials like Uranium or Plutonium, the high resolution of CZT is fully exploited. Contrarily, for high energetic lines the sensitivity of NaI:Tl allows for quick detection of sources.

Reachback software for mobile phone

innoRIID presents a novel application for both iOS and Android platforms. The new tool allows to connect to your innoRIID instrument, retrieve and manage data, as well, as to visually inspect spectra and ID results. Via E-Mail, messages containing the measured spectra can be e.g. transferred to Triage or any other nuclear security expert. For governmental use, innoRIID offers customisation of this app to meet individual con-ops.

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