Key product features in a nutshell

Radioactivity is not only invisible, there is no sense of the human being that can detect it. Still, for many security relevant situations we need to estimate its strength, to find the origin where it comes from and to determine what type of material actually emits the radiation.


RADEAGLE is a handheld radiation detection instrument that can exactly do that. It measures the dose rate, locates the source and identifies it. Reliable, robust and quick.

RADEAGLE´s detector is huge. That means it is very sensitive for radiation and all sorts of alarming will go very fast. But thats not all. RADEAGLE can be equipped with other detector materials as well. We also offer a cerium bromide CeBr and a lanthanum bromide LaBr3(Ce) variant.

8 hours nonstop operation in field. With extension battery pack even 16 hours of nonstop operation. A special battery holder allows you to add simple AA batteries, as you get them everywhere.

A user interface designed for the field

The  software features a remarkably easy and intuitive user interface. Our software designers put in every bit to re-invent the idea of how nuclear instruments are operated.


Dedicated functional modes assist the user in the measurement tasks. But RADEAGLE is more than a just a measurement device: it is a full blown spectroscopic laboratory right in your hands.


Last, but not least, our user interface is really quick!


Wireless connectivity via removable hardware dongle

There is a WiFi dongle positioned inside RADEAGLE´s handle. As long as you need wireless connectivity it is safely stored. If you enter areas of high security, e.g. military perimeters or other sensitive infrastructure, often it is not allowed to actually have wireless hardware on board. Therefore, you can simply detach the dongle from the handle and the hardware is de-facto physically removed. 

Web interface

Access to RADEAGLE data is easy and straight. Choose either way of connection, WLAN, WLAN Hotspot or USB and then use your browser to access the web interface. You can view and download spectra, generate reports, make comments, review ID results and many other things. 


Spectroscopic and radiologic data measured with RADEAGLE is tagged with geographical information, once the optional GPS module is installed. 

Powerful algorithm for nuclide identification

The identification of nuclides based on the spectrum. On the computer system of RADEAGLE runs a powerful mathematical algorithm that identifies radioactive sources based on this spectrum. It can also find the right composition, if multiple of these sources are there simultaneously.


Describing the engine behind it would be lengthy. If you are affine to keywords: a multi-agent system with an armada of over 100 functional agents, a stochastic deconvolution and a self-learning Kalman filter are vital components in its realization. Sometimes, we call it a neuro-spectroscopic brain.

The instrument ships with a rich set of accessories: a charger with international plug adapter set, a calibration box, a car adapter and a battery pack for using consumer batteries.
Even the case is technology

We also put in a lot of thinking into how we could make this case even smarter. If you are interested to learn about its further functionalities, please ask a sales representative what kinds of additional tricks the case has!

Always calibrated in the era of machine learning

RADEAGLE does not use any internal source. It does not contain any radiating material at all! Instead, we use the natural background radiation. See the tiny little peak in the spectrum? This is a peak of 40K. It is nearly always there. This is one of many peaks RADEAGLE grabs to keep the calibration in place. And because our detector is so large, it sees the tiny peak very quickly.


The software also applies machine learning techniques for storing the complicated dependencies of the peak position and the temperature.  Each individual instrument is virtually "trained" at innoRIIDs European production facilities, not only with respect to temperature values but especially to different temperature change rates (shocks). 

Further information

We compiled three dedicated application scenarios for RADEAGLE, highlighting its advantages with respect to the specific field of use. Furthermore we provide you a product flyer and, of course, the technical specifications. If you are interested to learn how the physics of the instruments works, follow the link Physics of Nuclear Detection to find out more on that.


Associated Files


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1Refers to the NaI(Tl) variant of the instrument. Other detector options feature different geometries.