Alpha / Beta Detectors

Our alpha / beta external probes can be connected to a RADEAGLE RTR via USB cable. They contain a standalone MCA system with pulse shape discrimination and separate Alpha and Beta radiation with a single scintillator-based detector concept. Technical specifications are found at the bottom of this page.

The system processes 25kcps Alpha pulses and 20kcps Beta pulses using a List-Mode acquisition. Powered by the RTR handheld instrument, a continuous connection allows up to 8h combined runtime of external detector and handheld. 

Hot-pluggable sensor, automatically extending the user interface of RTR

Upon connection between RADEAGLET-Ruggedized and the external Alpha/Beta probe, the software interface automatically adjusts and offers additional information from the probe.


Alarm levels can be specified in the Advanced Mode of the instrument to announce high levels of Alpha or high levels of Beta radiation. Both radiation types require a close proximity to the source.


Note, the external instrument detects either one of of both or both radiation types in parallel. The  detector can be attached/detached during operation without any additional manual user action. It is auto-calibrated and powered through the main handheld unit.

Protection of detector face

The detector face is secured mylar foil and a hexagonal protection grid. With this grid, damages to the foil are prevented even when the detector is close to the source - which is common for Alpha/Beta detection missions.

Secure connection

The connection between external probe and RTR is established via a rugged, waterproof connector. A spiral cable allows maximum motion freedom in positioning the external detector on surfaces or test containers.

Sturdy front cap

A plastic front cap keeps the detector face safe during transport and setup. Please keep the cap on the detector, whenever it is not in use. 

Technical Specifications Common to All Models

Detector Type Alpha/Beta sensitive scintillator including photomultiplier
Detector Size ø50mm
Protection Grid

 Mylar foil; Honeycomb protective grid 

Working Range

25kcps Alpha; 20kcps Beta

Multi-Channel Analyzer

 4096 channels energy vs. 4096 channels width, with a non-linear 

 parametric window and Haykin adaptive optimisation


 List-mode; USB interrupt mode transfer; RADIx encryption

Temperature Range  -30°C up to 70°C

 High-performance, low power FPGA subsystem coupled to DSP

Weight  300g
Size  169mm x 68mm; handle ø50mm
Voltage  5V, USB-powered

1Refers to the NaI(Tl) variant of the instrument. Other detector options feature different geometries.