innoRIID GmbH

Founded in 2014 by Peter Henke, innoRIID is a European small technology enterprise delivering professional products and expert engineering services in the field of radiation detection. Our staff has longstanding expertise in the fields of radiation detection, software engineering and algorithms.


innoRIID´s main product is the RADEAGLE, a handheld radio-isotope identification device (RIID), which is sold world-wide. This handheld product is based on a series of innoRIID electronical components and software programs that can be modularly combined in different ways. Therefore we also offer customised solutions for the installation and utilization of nuclear detection equipment. We have already deployed such solutions in the academia, health + medical and industrial sectors.


To foster the commercial success of our company, we actively contribute to international research projects in the field of radiation detection. Our engagements are focused on research and pilot projects of the US government and the European Horizon2020 programme.