Mission profiles

Nuclear Security

The illicit traffic of nuclear material is a serious threat to modern societies. Specialised teams from police, fire brigades or other safety agencies are devoted to tackle this problem. Uranium and plutonium, so-called special nuclear material (SNM) are of primary interest. innoRIIDs engineers and developers have longstanding field experience with the experimental challenges of SNM. Our products are also capable to resolve many masking scenarios.

Industrial Applications

Scrap metal and steel industry have a special demand for detection systems. Vagabonding sources often find their way into scrap and pose a serious danger to the recycling chain. Once molten, the material contaminates a vast amount of valuable ressources and leads to long decontamination times. In steel production, several subsystems are used that deploy radioactive sources. We provide solutions for these industrial problems.

Nuclear Medicine

For many patients, medical diagnostics and treatment relying on radioactive markers such as technetium or iodine have been a tremendous blessing. Those substances have a very short life time and high activity. innoRIIDs handheld instruments provide a sophisticated tool to handle such materials. All important medical sources a covered by our nuclide libraries and their measurements are backed up by diverse series of test campaigns.